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If you like what you see, stay a while and drop me an ask or something cool like that :] It would be much appreciated to know how you feel about my work, good or bad (I can take it)

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Some stuff I did today :] Tried my hand at some background work and kinda fudged up the shading towards the end. Ah well, it was good practice!

Ahg, dont you love it when you start to feel good about where your art is going style-wise and find someone who does “your style” better?




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My first bjd came in yesterday! I’m so excited, already made her some dresses n stuff.

guess I’ll post this here as well since it has to do with crafting :]

Lordy, I still don’t even know what to name her ;n;

These pages were from one of my finals last quarter. I had to do some test stuff for a comic. I’ve been working on Perfect for a number of years now but haven’t really gotten it all together yet, I’m working on it. My hope is to make it a webcomic. The three comics here are each single page snippets from the overall story, and centered around only a few of the characters for the simplicity of the project.

Perfect is a High School Slice-of-Life/ RomCom. Yo, the short dark haired girl is a Transwoman, and Sam, the blond guy is a Transman. Clare is their eccentric friend. Alten is Sam;s twin brother. They are just a small portion of the cast, of which they are not even the MAIN characters.

My goal for this comic is representation. Representation in gender, race, orientation, body size, etc. Because everyone is Perfect.

One of my set backs so far is that I am only one person, and cannot account for every person in the world, though I may try to understand where everyone comes from and what they  deal with. I hope to collaborate with either writers and/or other artists in the future in order to make this thing possible.

Thank you, and enjoy :]

Here is the quick portfolio I put together for Denver Comic Con. I was able to show it around and get some great feedback.

Enjoy :]

ITS FINALLY HERE! I’m opening my Storenvy shop today!

Come check it out!

Updates are coming!

I apologize for not really putting anything up this quarter yet, I was super busy with finals, DCC, work, and MOVING! I’m still getting settled in but I hope to be posting new content as soon as I can, I would especially like to put up the portfolio pages I put together  for DCC.

I would like to thank all of my new followers again, along with my old followers for sticking it out!

I am also striving to open up a storenvy where I will be selling buttons/brooches and such soon.

Denver Comic Con Afterwards

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to speak with me and review my portfolio over the weekend. Your advice and comments have helped me grow already  :]

Thank you thank you thank you! You made this one of my best conventions ever!


Hello and welcome!! <3<3<3 Thanks for the follow!!

Where are you all even coming from?!?!

Anonymous said: Literally i could tell you were irene and i can never tell with other cosplayers so kudos ♡ You're adorable btw

Thank you so very much! ;U;