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Hey, this is the Art/Cosplay/Crafting Blog for! Otherwise known in the real world as Reilly.
If you like what you see, stay a while and drop me an ask or something cool like that :] It would be much appreciated to know how you feel about my work, good or bad (I can take it)

Deviantart: Royaline

Ask Away!  

Anonymous asked: Literally i could tell you were irene and i can never tell with other cosplayers so kudos ā™” You're adorable btw

Thank you so very much! ;U;

A sculpture I did last year for a class.

I went to a Superhero/Supervillan themed party last year where you had to make up a character.

I pulled this out of my ass.

I was The Jeweler.


Cosplay related pictures from the last year that were never posted..

I still gotta fix those goddamn wings so that I can wear that cosplay again ;n;

Etsy, Storenvy, other?

I would love to start selling some crafts and prints that I have been working on, but I’m not sure about where I should set up shop. I would appreciateĀ  peoples opinions and suggestions.

Thanks :]

A bunch of character design work I did this quarter. I plan on finishing the group shots and cleaning up a bunch of stuff so I can put these in my portfolio.

If you would like to know anything about these characters please feel free to send me an ask :]

Sketch Dump 3-16-14

some wips

crossing my fingers that I actually finish them..

Did this the other day and then promptly forgot about it.

Did this the other day and then promptly forgot about it.