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9-10-14 DUMP

Never hesitate to ask me about my characters or anything ;u;

Paranorman Glow-In-The-Dark Brooch

$20 (includes shipping)

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ITS FINALLY HERE! I’m opening my Storenvy shop today!

Come check it out!

Have a centipede-horse.

Have a centipede-horse.

Sketch dump 7-30-14

Aesop’s fable The One-Eyed Doe

AKA- A project I pulled out of my arse this morning for my afternoon class..  I had only about 4 hours, so I cut some corners.

I chose this story because the moral is so terrible to me its actually kinda funny.


That awkward moment when you see a piece of your art on your dash for the first time that was not posted by a mutual follower and you jerk your head SO DAMN HARD YOU HURT YOURSELF

Have a qt doggie girl.

Have a qt doggie girl.

Some stuff I did today :] Tried my hand at some background work and kinda fudged up the shading towards the end. Ah well, it was good practice!

Ahg, dont you love it when you start to feel good about where your art is going style-wise and find someone who does “your style” better?